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Montgomery County -- Transit

Although it might seem like everyone in the county drives, public transportation is widely available. There are many alternatives to driving. Below is information on where you can find a ticket to ride and a few tips on how you can more sanely reach your destination.
There are many ways to get around Montgomery County. Metrorail, Metrobus and Ride On serve the county. With the addition of bicycle racks on all Ride On buses, cycling may be a good alternative.
The best way to avoid traffic is to avoid driving during rush hour. Peak travel times generally are considered to be 7 to 9:30 a.m. and 4 to 7 p.m.

Park and Ride Lots

Park and ride lots

There are a number of county, state and privately maintained free park-and-ride commuter lots with connecting buses that allow you to meet your carpool or to take public transportation.
Ride-On: 240-773-3556
Maintenance problems: 240-777-8740

Park-and-ride lots: Interstate 270 corridor and vicinity

Westfield Shoppingtown Montgomery, Montgomery Mall: Westlake Terrace and Westlake Drive. Bus Routes: Ride On 6, 26, 38, 47, 96. Metrobus J1, 2, 3, Bethesda-Silver Spring Line.
Montrose Road/Md. 355 Parking Facility: North Bethesda, Rockville Pike and Montrose Road. Permit and fee required. Bus Routes: Ride On 5, 26, 38, 46.
Lakeforest Transit Center: Gaithersburg, Lost Knife Road and Odendhal Ave. Bus Routes: Ride On 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 61 62. Metrobus J8, J9—I-270 Express.
Gaithersburg: I-270 and Md. 124 (Quince Orchard Road). Ride On Route 124—Shady Grove Express. Metrobus J9—I-270 Express.
Germantown/MARC Station: Md. 118 and Bowman Mill Drive. Bus Routes: Ride On 61, 83, 97. MARC Train Station.
Germantown/Kingsview: Clopper Road (Md. 117) and Kingsview Village Avenue. Bus Routes: Ride On 62, 71, 74, 78.
Germantown Transit Center: Town Center at Germantown Road-Md. 118 and Aircraft Drive. Bus Routes: Ride On 55, 61, 74, 75, 82, 83, 97, 98, 100.
Germantown/Milestone Shopping Center: Germantown-Milestone Shopping Center along Shakespeare Boulevard. Bus Routes: Ride On 55, 70, 75, 79, 83, 90.

Park-and-ride lots: Interstate 270 corridor and West Diamond Avenue

I-270 and West Diamond Avenue (Md. 117). Bus Route: Ride On 124. Comus: North of Clarksburg- Md. 355 just north of Comus Road. Bus Routes: Ride On 75.
Damascus: Damascus- Md. 108 and Woodfield Road. Bus Routes: Ride On 90.
Urbana: Md. 80 and I-270. Bus Routes: Ride On 75. MTA 991 Rock Spring.

Park-and-ride lots: Md. 650 corridor

Colesville: Md. 650 North of Randolph Road. Bus Routes: Metrobus Z2, C7, C8, C9 Ride On 10

Park-and-ride lots: Md. 97 corridor

Norbeck Road: Norbeck Road, 1/4 mile east of Georgia Avenue. Bus Routes: Ride On 51, 52, 53. Metrobus, Y7, Y8, Y9; Georgia Avenue-Maryland Line.

Park-and-ride lots: U.S. 29 corridor and vicinity

Burtonsville: U.S. 29 and Md. 198 behind Giant Food, Burtonsville Crossing Shopping Center. Bus Routes: Metrobus Z6, Tanglewood Westfarm Line Z9, Z29-Laurel-Burtonsville Express. MTA 929 and 915. Connect-A-Ride Route D-95 Business Park/Burtonsville
Briggs Chaney: Fairland/East Montgomery off Briggs Chaney Road at Gateshead Manor Way. Bus Routes: Metrobus Z6—Tanglewood Westfarm Line. Metrobus Z8—Fairland Line. Metrobus Z11—Greencastle-Briggs Chaney Express Line. Ride On Route 39—service between Briggs Chaney Park and Ride lot and Glenmont Metrorail station. Connect-A-Ride Route D-95 Business Park/Burtonsville.
Greencastle: Greencastle Lakes—Greencastle Road and Turbridge Drive. Bus Routes: Metrobus Z8—Fairland Line. Metrobus Z11, Z13—Greencastle-Briggs Chaney Express Line.
Tech Road: East Montgomery—Tech Road and Old Columbia Pike. Bus Routes: Ride On Route 10. Metrobus Z8—Fairland Line. Metrobus Z9—Laurel-Burtonsville Express Line.



The county also offers car and vanpool information. It only takes two to be a carpool. Be prepared for those times when you just can’t drive by knowing the names of potential pool-mates. And Guaranteed Ride Home will get you home in an emergency.
Carpool options: Receive free assistance in forming a carpool or vanpool convenient to your home and office, including potential pool-mates.
Vanpool options: You also can receive free assistance in forming a vanpool, including potential pool-mates. It takes as few as six people to share a van to work.
You can take advantage of free or discount parking in many lots and garages in the county for car and vanpools.
Information: 240-773-8747


Metrobus and Metrorail

Call the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) for a schedule of Metro trains or bus routes and fares.
Montgomery County is served by the Red Line on Metro.
WMATA: 202-637-7000
TTY: 202-638-3780