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I dislike our current government system. Itís askew, discombobulated and way beyond my understanding.

At election time, we, the American public, are asked to select between bad and worse, at all levels.

I believe that weíre not raising our children to be responsible public servants. Children are asked to do public service tasks, partly mandated by parents and schools and partly by the penal system. I believe those are the wrong motivators for aspiring politicians. Good for social deviates and an effective discipline, but not motivators of world leaders.

What did I do at the last election? I picked the lesser of all evils. Thatís not a good option. I wanted to be able to pick between smarter and wiser, and another smarter and wiser.

The last president who I really liked was Ronald Reagan. He wasnít so smart, but smart enough to pick a staff that was smarter than he. Iíd call him wise rather than smart. Yes, he made mistakes, but very few hated, or were averse, to his policies.

So, I postulate that social responsibility begins at home, with moms and dads, followed by teachers and caregivers, and colleges. Maybe it starts before then with religious training.

I donít have the answers. If I did, Iíd have a Nobel Prize.

What I do know is that the United States needs a major adjustment, and it starts in the home.

What Iíve come to realize is that boot camp for most boys is definitely in order, whether they serve or not. All teen boys need a drill sergeant. Teen girls also need an attitude adjustment, in the military. Parents donít seem to be parenting. Do parents need boot camp also?

How did we get so far off of the course that our forefathers set for us?

This still doesnít solve my impending election problem. Iíll have to, again, pick the lesser of two evils.

Dee Granville, Waldorf