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This is a rebuttal to Diane Fadeley’s Feb. 15 letter, which rebutted the Feb. 10 letter by Deborah Rey. A rebuttal of a rebuttal, where will it all end?

Ms. Fadeley suggests that Ms. Rey’s concerns for the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment rights that she and many Americans feel are being threatened is just her imagination. I’ve had the Temptations song in my head all day, “Is it just my imagination, running away with me?” One thing that is not my imagination is how the last letter writer chose to attack Ms. Rey, her viewpoint, the Catholic Church and its sacred religious traditions and doctrine. Talk about a typical liberal response — attack.

As an American Catholic, I have never felt that my religious liberty could be compromised, but then again, I didn’t know that there are fellow Americans like the letter writer who have such an obvious contempt for our faith. It is not up to her or Obama’s administration to dissect the Catholic Church and its agencies nor mandate that it must provide either directly or indirectly contraception and abortifacients under the guise of a woman’s access to health care. And by the way, our government already funds Planned Parenthood, where I hear you can get all various kinds of birth control, compliments of the taxpayers, so what’s the problem?

Fadeley closed her letter by thanking Rep. Steny Hoyer, Sen. Ben Cardin and Sen. Barbara Mikulski for somehow “helping us become a charitable, loving, inclusive nation.” Now our politicians are bestowing virtues on us? Can you say “dependency?”

L. Beth Bonifant, Colton’s Point