Honoring those who keep the ball in play at OBGC -- Gazette.Net


The Olney Boys and Girls Community Sports Association held its annual Ball of Fame volunteer recognition event at the Norbeck Country Club on Feb. 24.

This event provides an opportunity to honor some of the 800 volunteers that organize, coach and run OBGCís programs and events, serving more than 7,000 children.

2012 OBGC Citizens of the Year: Tony Ryan, Lisa Rose, Adele Kiracofe, Kathy Lyons, Jack Cuddy, and Tracy Wahler each made significant contributions to OBGC, not necessarily as coaches, but in other important ways that have a positive impact on OBGCís operations and activities.

2012 OBGC Chairmanís Awards: Ernie Sahady, Ken Bradford, Mike Natelli, Elisabeth Deal, Kurt Hopkin, Kim Blackwell, Ramez Fahmy, Diana McMahan, John Dixon, John Pascoe, Mark Nicosia, Joe Black, Ellen Lemberger, Harvey Reich, Phil Smith, Mike Maines, Art Paholski, Nicole Reich, Sonya Naik, Patrick Koontz and Susan Wilhelm.

These volunteers were some of the key members of the team that did an extraordinary job in building, managing and running the Field of Screams fall fundraising event.

2012 Coaches of the Year: Dave Rizzo and John Goodwin, baseball; Jim Tipett, basketball; John Blassingame, football; Sarah Hagan and Courtney McKenna, field hockey; Will Barry, lacrosse; Jerry Mancini, softball; Doug Perkins and John Young, soccer; and Melissa Rocha, wrestling.

2012 Dan Dionisio Leadership Award: Clark Kendall was recognized for his leadership on the Board of Directors, specifically with his efforts in raising funds to restore Falling Green.