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Someone spray-painted racial epithets targeted toward black people on a guardrail on Claggett Road in Sunderland and the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office is investigating it.

At about 11 a.m. March 2, deputies responded to Claggett Road after Eugene Plater called to report the graffiti.

On the guardrail, someone had spray-painted, “[Racial slur]s stink and have the worst credit that’s why they only get the ugly fat white girls and can’t hold a job cuz they love the crack rock get a job [racial slur].”

Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans said if someone is arrested for this crime, they could be charged with destruction of property, which is a misdemeanor, “but it also can be considered a hate crime.”

Plater, who lives on Claggett Road, said he felt “very depressed” when he saw what was written on the guardrail.

“This is just a disgrace,” Plater said. “We don’t approve of this.”

Casaundra Plater Easton, Plater’s sister, who also lives on Claggett Road, said her family has owned property in the neighborhood since 1938 and they have “never had a problem like this.” She said she has no idea why anyone would write a racist remark on a guardrail in their neighborhood.

Gloria Plater Spriggs, Plater’s and Easton’s sister, said she was “just stunned” when she saw the graffiti written on a road where she lives.

“We really have never had any negativity toward us,” Spriggs said.

Plater said the neighborhood was all-black until about 2000, when white people began integrating into the neighborhood. He said the neighborhood remains predominantly black.

“What was the purpose of [someone] coming into someone else’s neighborhood and writing such hate?” Plater said. “We’ve never had this ever happen. Why would [someone] choose this neighborhood? We don’t cause any problems.”

Plater also said if he and his neighbors have “to escalate this to the White House, we’ll do that.”