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After an exhaustive (and exhausting) review of the petition for referendum against the Walmart Supercenter, the town of La Plata is presumably going to get the opportunity to vote for or against. It has been a long and tiresome process, but the end result was crystal clear there are more than enough signatures to move forward, something that was never in doubt.

I do take serious issue with Steve Scott’s comments, specifically that the report produced by Town Manager Dan Mears “demonstrates how sloppy and unprofessional the circulators were” [“Town referendum has enough signatures,” Maryland Independent, March 2]. I would like to know what he bases his comments on, when you consider the fact that the town manager pointed us to the state of Maryland to answer our questions regarding proceeding with a petition, and then provided us with the rules of engagement two days prior to required submission.

Any criticisms for “sloppiness” should be levied directly at the town manager. As for the stated “unprofessionalism,” you can spin the comments of a handful of people all you want, but the vast majority of those of us who reached out to our community regarding this issue were courteous, respectful and did the best we could with what little we had to work with. All the spin cannot reduce the fact that there are plenty of signatures, and La Plata residents want their voices heard.

It is the time for nasty rhetoric to cease, and time for the referendum to go forward. Sadly enough, if the people of the town do in fact decide against the Super Walmart, there will be more lawsuits and legal wrangling ahead. When that happens, you will be able to plainly see just how little Walmart actually cares about our community, and that it is all about the bottom line.

Gary Maynard, La Plata