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Now let me get this straight, the letter writer is against two people who love each other from getting married because they are of the same sex? Enjoying the same rights as you is a big no-no? [ďGay marriage is tactic of big government forces,Ē Maryland Independent, March 2].

Gays and lesbians donít want any more rights in this country than you enjoy. Why do they have to settle for less and chase freedoms you enjoy as a citizen?

Then you want to throw the Bible at us. Remember itís ancient texts written by about 40 to 50 different people. Also, look at the times when these texts were written; the people of that time had no understanding of people engaging in same-sex relationships, children born out of wedlock, adulterers and the list goes on, and we all know what happened to them. They were stoned to death.

Get a grip. We, as in the people of this country, have a constitution and the rule of law. That document doesnít say we the straight people only, it says we the people, and when that term is used it means all of the people and the rule of law means we have the same protection under that same law.

The problem is that many want to control who has rights and who doesnít. So you donít want the 10 to 15 percent to have the same rights as you.

Gays and lesbians have been around since the beginning of time. They go to work, pay taxes etc. They are in every industry in the United States and even volunteer all over the state of Maryland. But they donít have the same rights, and now youíre saying they canít and wonít have them. Itís sad, sad, sad. What if it was your daughter or son?

Iíll use a phrase from the Bible: Judge not. If you can use it so can I.

Ingrid E. Nylander, Nanjemoy