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A Northern High School student is facing charges including assault after allegedly punching another student in the face multiple times.

A criminal summons was issued March 9 for Shaquille G. Brooks, 19, of Chesapeake Beach, charging him with second-degree assault, disturbing school operation and disorderly conduct.

At about noon on March 7, school liaison officer Deputy J. Lord, of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, was told by the school safety advocate, William McMeins, that a fight had occurred between two students during the first lunch hour, according to charging documents.

McMeins told Lord that Brooks and David H. Scott had gotten into an argument over a chair. McMeins said the two students began physically fighting and both students “struck each other with fists,” causing a large group of kids to gather around the fight, deputies said.

During an interview, Scott said at about 11:17 that day he was in the cafeteria sitting with his friends during the first lunch hour and got up from his chair at the lunch table. When he came back to the table, Scott said Brooks had taken his chair. Scott confronted Brooks about it, and Brooks said he was not going to give Scott the chair back.

Scott said he grabbed the chair and pulled it and Brooks then allegedly turned around and punched him multiple times, according to charging documents. Scott said he was hit about 10 times in the head and face and was pulled to the ground, where Brooks allegedly got on top of him and continued to kick and punch him, charging documents state. Deputies said Scott hit Brooks in the face about five times in order to defend himself.

A cartilage piercing in Scott’s ear had been ripped out during the fight, and deputies said blood was coming from a piercing in Scott’s left ear and Scott’s nose was red and swollen. Scott also had a scratch about a half-inch long between his eyebrows, deputies said.

Brooks told deputies he had gotten up from his chair during lunch and when he went back to his table, his chair was missing and Scott had taken it. Brooks said he and Scott got into an argument “over who the chair belonged to” when Scott allegedly pushed him. Brooks said he then punched Scott in the face and when Scott went to the ground, Brooks kicked him, according to charging documents.

Brooks told deputies if he had not been pushed he would not have punched and kicked Scott. Deputies said no signs of injury were visible on Brooks.

Gail Bennett, Calvert County Public Schools spokeswoman, said she could not comment on the case.

A policy regarding disruptive behavior on the property of Calvert County schools states that people cannot display dangerous, disruptive, intimidating or threatening behavior on school property or prevent the orderly conduct of school business or activities. Consequences for these actions include removal from school property; legal charges; disciplinary action; and denial of access to school property. Disciplinary actions include suspension and expulsion, according to the policy regarding student discipline.