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I am a member of the Balanced Growth Initiative, and I would like to comment on the March 20 public hearing held on the Priority Preservation Area by the Charles County commissioners. I attended that meeting and sat through several hours of public speakers.

I was surprised and disappointed when Commissioner Debra Davis revealed that commissionersí President Candice Kelly had prepared a motion to approve the PPA and handed it out to her fellow board members during the break, halfway through the public hearing.

It is obvious that Commissioner Kelly had a predetermined agenda and even though the public majority spoke against the PPA, she had no intention of representing those citizens.

For a commissioner who ran a campaign on transparency in government and supporting the will of the people, this is clearly not the case.

Her actions at the hearing sent a strong message to the citizens of this county that she will only listen to the people who share her opinion, whether or not they are the majority.

I commend Commissioner Davis for her honesty and integrity, and the other members who obviously listened to the public and acknowledged us by voting against a plan that is flawed and definitely not the will of the majority.

Joe Beuchert, Charlotte Hall