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The Charles County commissioners stripped their president of much of her power Tuesday afternoon in a 3-2 vote.

The resolution, submitted by Commissioner Debra M. Davis (D), removed President Candice Quinn Kelly’s authority to set meeting agendas on her own, make government decisions having any fiscal impact, or speak, testify or correspond on behalf of the commissioners without the approval of the majority. It also removed any other power previously delegated to the president by the board.

Kelly (D) remains responsible for running board meetings.

No discussion preceded the vote, and a long silence followed.

Along with Kelly, Commissioner Ken Robinson (D) opposed the measure.

Immediately afterward, Kelly adjourned the meeting as scheduled and left without speaking.

Davis has been a consistent opponent of Kelly, complaining frequently that Kelly was abusing her power as president.

The preamble of the resolution, which Davis wrote, asserted that “the leadership of our County is neither efficient nor transparent if all commissioners do not have an active role in policy making decisions” and “… we deem it essential to reassure the citizens of our County that we will honor the elected Commissioner form of government, a government that earns the respect and pride of our citizens and is free of intimidation.”

Neither Davis nor Kelly returned to the meeting after the recess, and Commissioner Reuben B. Collins II (D), as board vice president, took over the meeting. Collins and Robinson said they did not know where their colleagues were.