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Upon receiving the good news stated below, I felt the need to publicly acknowledge the generosity of the National Capital Area Office of the American Diabetes Association to my family. The closest American Diabetes Association offices are in Baltimore or Washington, D.C.; their reach, in fact, does down to Southern Maryland — even though it feels, sometimes, like we are just too far south to be noticed by the folks who work up in “big city.” When called upon, help was offered almost immediately, and we could not be more grateful.

On behalf of the entire Schommer family, I would like to thank Mary Merritt, Brittany Brancato, et al of the National Capital Area Office of the American Diabetes Association for sponsoring Evelyn’s upcoming attendance and participation in Camp Glyndon at Lions Camp Merrick Diabetes Camp in Nanjemoy this coming July 15-20.

Your support will help Evelyn develop her sense of responsibility and increase her level of self care, as it pertains to her Type I diabetes. Your contribution will enable her to participate in her first experience in a summer camp environment, and this, no doubt, will be a great opportunity to broaden her discipline and character in any given environment, home or away; skills that are invaluable to her future endeavors, health and well-being living with Type I diabetes.

The sponsorship provided by the National Capital Area office of the ADA will provide Evelyn with an opportunity that would otherwise not be available to her. In the bigger picture, the dedication of the American Diabetes Association to support a camp such as Camp Glyndon Diabetes Summer Camp at Lion’s Camp Merrick provide an opportunity for many other children that live with diabetes every day. Your contribution is not just a charitable contribution, but is an investment in the future and development of a healthy young person — of many healthy young people. Thank you once again for your generous support.

Jonas R. and Nancy M. Schommer, Great Mills