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It’s been a dry April so far.

The risk of wildfires is high, layers of pollen continue to pile on and perc tests have been suspended.

There was a smattering of rain in St. Mary’s County on Wednesday as more fell in central Maryland that day. Rainfall ranged from .08 of an inch in Ridge to .18 of an inch in Leonardtown from spotty showers Wednesday, according to the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network.

“The last time it rained at my place in Ridge was April 2, when we only had .05 of rain,” said John Zyla, weather observer.

“I had a trace on April 10, and I mean a trace, a few drops that if I hadn’t been standing in the yard I would not have known about them,” said Wes Gleason, Hollywood weather observer.

The rainfall for the month so far in Hollywood was .18 of an inch. Gleason recorded 1.43 inches of precipitation in January, including .1 of an inch of snow; 1.85 inches of precipitation in February with .1 of an inch of snow and 2.48 inches of rain in March, which included an inch of snow.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has asked residents to postpone all outdoor burning because of an elevated risk of wildfire.

The National Weather Service is predicting a better chance of rain over the weekend.

Johnny Knott, president of the St. Mary’s County Farm Bureau, said crop conditions aren’t bad. “They’re holding their own right now,” he said.

The Eastern Shore is under a drought watch, though, and farmers there are still irrigating their winter wheat, Knott said. If the rainfall doesn’t pick up soon, the first cutting of hay in May might have to be put off, he said. The little rainfall on Wednesday “was enough to settle the dust,” he said.

But the grass and gardens are doing fine. “Gardens aren’t that bad, you can always run a hose to them,” Knott said.