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Please don’t wonder why the Chesapeake Bay clean-up will never see the light of day with situations like the following (no matter how high your taxes go for such “clean-up”).

Coming up May 3 is a public hearing by the Calvert County Board of Appeals regarding an application by the owners of property that used to live next to the house that burned down Randle Cliff Market/Liquor store for a cliff setback requirement “variance” (read: “The law doesn’t pertain to me”). These owners are asking for a brand new septic system a few hundred feet from the bay, where a huge pipe coming out of the cliffs already takes sewage out to the bay from Summer City Boulevard (which shouldn’t happen either). The system is for a brand new dry goods commercial establishment/store on the Bay. Uh, would a commercial establishment cause more of a problem to the Bay than a residence insofar as septic is concerned? You bet.

Oddly enough, this is being given the title of a “repair,” which it is not. How did that happen? How can it be a repair for a building that does not exist? It is brand new construction of both a septic system and a building, with brand new owners.

This is as bad as building a new housing development little more than 1,000 feet from a critical area but having impervious blacktop throughout, causing run-off to the bay.

Are we serious about bay clean-up or not?

Susan Maier, Chesapeake Beach