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In regards to the editorial, “Summer break might just be too long for students” [Maryland Independent, May 2], I find it appalling and horrendous that Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot would be greedy enough to put money for the state over our children’s education.

I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would put tourism above children’s education. If children don’t get a good education, they can’t get a good job and therefore can’t afford to take a vacation any time of the year. There goes your precious tourism, Mr. Franchot.

In addition, because children are in school the week before Labor Day doesn’t mean people are not going to take a vacation to Ocean City. It just means they go during a different week.

Personally, it doesn’t matter to me when school starts or ends. I have no problem making our family plans and vacations around my child’s education, because education is and always will be top priority for me.

Crystal Coffren, Brandywine