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La Plata is in the process of having the new water meters installed in each home.

In meeting with Robert Stahl, town director of operations, William Eckman, town consultant, and my neighbor, Ronald Florell, we learned that the new system with meters inside our homes would give a town computer the ability to monitor information regarding activities within our homes. I believe that this is an invasion of privacy.

When we asked the cost of the new system, we were told $960,000. Those monies, plus the cost of personnel to install and monitor the system, would put the cost at more than $1 million. At the meeting, town personnel endeavored to impress upon us that the town had gotten a “great deal” for about half of the normal cost and that the town would realize savings from the new system.

I refused to let them into my home to install the new water meter until the town gave me notice that my continued refusal would cause my water to be turned off.

An article in the May 2 Maryland Independent indicated that the town is now considering water rate increases; so, where are the supposed savings?

Mike Chopp, La Plata