Student sexually assaulted while swimming in campus fountain in underwear -- Gazette.Net


A woman was sexually assaulted and others had their belongings stolen after they took a swim in a University of Maryland, College Park fountain in their underwear.

University police said around midnight Saturday, a group of female students were swimming in the McKeldin Mall fountain, a known campus landmark, when eight to 10 men and women approached them and stole their belongings, which they had left on the side of the fountain, according to University police.

The group of thieves fled the area but left a trail of the victims’ property, which ended near the Mowatt Lane Garage. Most of the victims’ property has been recovered, police said.

“One of the victims also reported that one of the males had grabbed her buttocks during the incident,” a University police crime alert states.

University police are now investigating the sexual assault and theft and are seeking possible suspects.

Police are asking anyone with information about the incident to call 301-405-3555 or email