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I am writing this letter to express my deepest heartfelt thanks to commissioners’ President Candice Quinn Kelly’s office for its assistance in resolving a problem I ran into with the Charles County Planning and Growth Management office when I attempted to buy five acres of land from my neighbor and combine it with my existing property to form a contiguous lot.

After four exasperating months attempting to resolve this issue on my own, I finally called Kelly’s office for assistance. Kim Simonson, her executive assistant, really went to bat for me. The issue was resolved in less than one week and the land sale proceeded smoothly afterward.

With all of the commissioner-bashing going on these days, it’s nice to know that the commissioners and their staffs will take the time and make the effort to help their constituents.

Kudos to Kelly’s office staff and especially to Simonson. If not for her efforts, I would still be stuck where I was last December.

Richard Wymetal, Charlotte Hall