Bartlett in hot seat again over finance reports -- Gazette.Net


U.S. Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett (R) has once again drawn the attention of the Federal Election Commission for inaccurately filing campaign finance reports. The 10-term congressman has had 49 such notifications, the second highest number of any member of Congress since 2003, according to Roll Call. The latest inaccuracies appear in a March 31 pre-primary report. Bartlett is running for reelection in District 6 against Democrat John Delaney of Potomac.

Bartlett was audited by the FEC in 2008, and had 21 unreported transactions, but an audit found no intentional wrongdoing. Bartlett has until July 9 to correct the latest errors, and cannot file for an extension. Not complying could result in another audit, according to the FEC website.

In a June 4 letter to Bartlett’s campaign treasurer Robert Perry, the FEC notes that the report does not identify four individual donors with full name, complete mailing address, occupation and name of employer, including a donor from the Shamrock Restaurant in Thurmont.

Bartlett also failed to attribute contributions and provide identification from members of an unincorporated proprietorship or partnership.

Under disbursements of cash, Bartlett itemized expenses, but did not list the purpose of the expense, labeling it simply “consulting,” or “consulting retainer.”, which tracks campaign finance reports from the FEC, reports that Bartlett does not identify where 47 percent of his contributions are from.

Bartlett’s camp did not have much to say about the candidate’s latest FEC notification. Bartlett’s campaign manager Ted Dacey responded to questions about Bartlett’s history of mistakes and the current situation via email: “The campaign is working with our professional accounting firm to provide all of the additional information requested by the FEC."

Delaney’s campaign manager Justin Schall would not comment on Bartlett’s history of campaign finance report mistakes, saying only that his candidate, a newcomer to politics, abided by federal regulations of campaign finance reporting.