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I reside in picturesque Southern Maryland. I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. I am beginning to abhor bicyclists and the attitudes they bring with them.

For whatever reason, they think our roadways were put in place for their personal benefit. They werenít. Hundreds of thousands was spent to replace the Indian Head rail line with a hiker/biker trail for this purpose. St. Charles has trails for use.

On a recent Saturday, there was some sort of bicycle event that took place on routes 225, 224 and 227. I would like to know why the police condone this practice. Isnít it illegal, according to Maryland law, to ride on roadways where the speed limit is 50 mph or more? Are these roadways exempt? Are bicyclists exempt from all of the other rules of the road? Or is it just too much of an inconvenience to enforce?

Last year, police officers held traffic blocks for bicyclists on routes 224 and 6. Granted, they were off-duty and being paid as security, but why are they allowed to abet bicyclists in breaking the law?

John Limerick, Indian Head