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Three people have been charged through summonses with theft offenses from a federal and county investigation that court papers state involved the stealing of a U.S. Treasury check last fall that was counterfeited and cashed.

U.S. Treasury agents contacted St. Mary’s sheriff’s deputies in August about the $1,726 Social Security check that had not been received by Tonyia M. Logan, court papers state, after she moved from St. Inigoes to Lexington Park. Court papers state that the check had been cashed last November at a Woodforest National Bank location at the Walmart store in California, with markings including an incorrect Social Security number, a signature not consistent with Logan’s handwriting and the words “pay to the order of Ashley Dinan.”

Dinan, a Lusby resident, told police in May that Damon Wayne Cutchember, 35, of St. Inigoes asked her to cash the check and give him the money, and she in return received $20, according to a charges application filed by sheriff’s Cpl. S.J. Russell. A woman who received two of Logan’s checks in the mail told police last month that she gave them to Raymond McDowell, court papers state, with the expectation that he would give them to Logan.

Dinan, Cutchember and McDowell, a 34-year-old St. Inigoes resident, were charged with theft and conspiracy offenses through the summonses issued by a St. Mary’s court commissioner. Cutchember and McDowell also were charged with forgery offenses.