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Plum Point Middle School’s water has once again tested positive for bacteria, according to an email sent Friday, Sept. 7, from the school’s principal, Zach Seawell.

In late August, a routine test showed the presence of total coliform bacteria, described by the Calvert County Health Department and Calvert County Public Schools as not being harmful itself but an indicator of something more serious. The water was treated with a chlorine substance, and the follow-up test indicated that the bacteria was gone.

“Although not necessary, we will again be taking precautionary measures by shutting down all drinking fountains, setting up water stations on each level, and providing hand sanitizer. This will remain in place until this situation is resolved,” Seawell’s email from last Friday stated.

CCPS spokeswoman Gail Bennett said the bacteria found was once again total coliform bacteria and that the school system would be treating the water using the recommendations of Maryland Department of the Environment and the Calvert County Health Department.

She said the water treatment would be “following the same steps we took before.”

Bennett said she expected retesting to occur within the next few days.

“Basically what we do is shock the system and clear the system,” Bennett explained.

Seawell’s email said all of the school’s bathrooms were fully functional and students were permitted to carry water bottles from home.