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Athlete diary

My name is Bailey Delacruz and I’m a junior at Westlake High School.

At Westlake, we work hard every practice and strive to be the best players we can be, but in previous seasons our hard work hasn’t always paid off.

Two games in and this year is already different.

It’s probably important that I take it back to preseason. We started with a new coach this year, one who we all agree brought needed intensity and experience to the team. This new coach happens to be my dad [Armond Delacruz].

We’ve all known the last couple of years that we have good players, but we’d never learned to work as a team until this year. We found ourselves working on skills we needed to win key games while learning to carry our passion for the sport over into our games.

Our hard work provided for great disappointment in a loss against Calvert, but we knew that our La Plata game was without a doubt an attainable win.

Tuesday night came and we were beyond ready. After we all played to the best of our abilities we came out victorious in a 2-1 win.

It was the most amazing feeling to gain the long overdue win. More importantly then the win is the sense of knowing that were on our way from being “Westlake, the easy win” to “Westlake, the tough competitor.”

We all anticipate a great season and we are more than ready to put in the work.

Bailey Delacruz

Westlake junior