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The St. Mary’s County commissioners have awarded CA Bean of California a $1.3 million contract to repave almost 10 miles of county-maintained roads.

The two lowest bidders of the four happened to be local, said Elaine Kramer, chief financial officer. St. Mary’s County government has a local vendor preference policy that can award contracts to local bidders even if they aren’t the lowest. “We didn’t have to do a differential,” she said.

Local bidders can be awarded a contract if their bid is as much as 10 percent or $50,000 higher than the lowest bidder.

CA Bean will lay down a new coat of asphalt overlay, which adds 15 to 25 years of road life, depending on the level of traffic, said George Erichsen, director of public works and transportation.

Each year, the county typically takes around 30 new roads into its systems through new subdivisions, he said, and typically repaves 10 to 15 miles of county roads.

As for the roads to get a new overlay, “We do try to spread the roads out by election district,” depending on the condition of the road, he said.

Roads to be paved under this contract are:

All of Murray Road, 1.5 miles of Blake Creek Road, all of Villa Road, half a mile of Cherry Field Road, all of Breton View Road, all of Ledford Drive, a quarter of a mile of Mechanicsville Road, one mile of Golden Beach Road, half a mile of Dixie Lyon Road, a third of a mile of Mohawk Drive, all of Dema Court, half a mile of Friendship School Road, one mile of Steer Horn Neck Road and all of Lexwood Drive.