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Read a couple of Aug. 29 letters where the message was straight out of the Obama Administration’s talking points playbook. Both sound eerily similar, blaming George W. Bush for our economic malaise and then praising Obama’s spending frenzy.

They must agree with Obama when he said, “We tried our plan and our plan worked.” Guess if you were aiming for the longest period unemployment at 8 percent or more since the Great Depression, it did work. Blaming Bush almost four years later just isn’t going to cut it, especially when Ronald Reagan inherited a worse economy than Obama could imagine and had us back on track in two years. On the contrary, Obama’s economic policies, reckless spending and cronyism made the economy even worse.

One letter credits Obama for saving the auto industry by dumping billions of dollars into General Motors. The curious thing is, Ford didn’t take any bailout money and they seem to be doing just fine, so obviously the auto industry didn’t need saving. Billions wasted on a company that probably should have been left to go bankrupt so it could restructure to be more viable, like all other businesses in this country have to do when they fail.

The bottom line is: Are you better off than you were four years ago? Looking at the endless foreclosures, empty storefronts, higher food prices, higher gas prices and continuous high unemployment, a reasonable person would conclude, “No, I am not better off, it’s time for a change.”

We need positive leadership, not divisiveness. I believe in America’s greatness and we should not apologize for that, so I’m voting for leaders that espouse that same sentiment. I will vote for Mitt Romney for president, Dan Bongino for Senate and Anthony J. O’Donnell for Congress on Nov. 6.

Brian D. Lee, Lusby