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As the summer winds down, I find myself writing an open letter to Southern Marylanders, to rally support for our Southern Maryland Blue Crabs baseball team as they once again head back to the Atlantic League playoffs.

As a huge fan of Blue Crabs baseball, as many of you are, I could definitely get used to this. It is my privilege to inform everyone that your Blue Crabs clinched the fourth and final playoff spot Friday night at Regency Furniture Stadium. It’s amazing how fast this season has flown by, but the old adage is true: Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

Regency Furniture Stadium is always a fun place to be with all we have to offer, but all our wins at home this season make it even more so.

Our rallying cry for this season is “True Blue.” What is “True Blue” you ask? Well, let’s just say you’ll know it when you see it. When you walk into our ballpark on a Sunday and run to your favorite player to get his autograph, that’s True Blue. When you stand up to clap and cheer after a rally clip in the ninth inning to help the Blue Crabs to another win, that’s True Blue.

When you pass another Blue Crab fan proudly wearing her hat and T-shirt and exchange a high-five, or a “Go Blue Crabs!” that’s True Blue. When 5,000 screaming fans pack our ballpark for the playoffs, that is most definitely True Blue. In other words, True Blue is doing anything and everything you can to let everyone else know that not only do we have a beautiful ballpark, but a great team that plays in it.

A season ago, we fell just short of being named Liberty Division champions. So “True Blue” is really about taking the next step, and bringing the hardware home to Southern Maryland for the first time. Playoff tickets are currently on sale, and you can see all the details on our website, I have no doubt our fans will respond in record numbers to support Crustacean Nation.

The divisional playoffs begin tonight at the stadium in Waldorf. To reserve your seats for the first round and the Atlantic League championship series, go to the Blue Crab’s website and click on the Atlantic League playoffs button. Thank you as always for your patronage, and for being a member of Crustacean Nation.

If this is our year, where will you be when history happens?

Joel Seiden, Waldorf

The writer is the general manager of the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs.