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Winning their first game of the season, walking away with a hat trick and seeing your goalie receive captain honors all in one night was a little overwhelming for the Westlake field hockey team.

The 3-1 halftime lead turned into a 4-1 final score in favor of the Wolverines (1-6, 1-6 SMAC).

Madelynn Delacruz put the first ball in the back of the goal 4 minutes 14 seconds into the game, with an assist from Julie Morris.

“It’s so exciting because we haven’t won in a very long time,” Delacruz said. “I don’t know anybody in past years that have won a game, we’ve come so close, so this is really exciting. Our goalie’s really good. She saved almost all of them.”

Westlake head coach Randell Braithwaite said the team has been working on being more aggressive and following through with the ball. They wanted to settle the score after losing by a goal against the Rams last year.

“Their communication skills on the field are very important,” Braithwaite said, “and they did that well today. For the most part most, everyone on the team has been making the effort and once they scored, the adrenaline kicked in. Samantha Grant will play wherever I put her, and I’m very excited about the fact that they’re able to manipulate the game.”

Braithwaite waited until after the game to announce a new team captain, senior goalkeeper Marisa Booth.

“It’s something that I’ve always wanted,” Booth said. “I’ve always been there for the team and now it will be a little easier. It’s my senior year, and from this position, I feel like I’ll be able to motivate people more, especially after winning this game.”

Julie Morris took home a hat trick after scoring the last three goals for the Wolverines, two in the first half and one in the second.

“It’s my senior year, and my goal for the last two years was just ‘Shoot a goal, shoot a goal,’ and also put the teamwork in there,” Morris said. “Seriously, this is the first time we used this tactic of me being farther back, and we hope to use it in future games and score a few more goals.”

Senior offensive wing Caitlin Curry, a captain, said the loss against North Point was a real eye-opener, and she didn’t want to go out her senior year with a losing record.

“My dad [Frank Curry] has always been the big motivating factor for me, and we definitely had a talk before the game,” Curry said. “I knew coming into the game that we could win; there was a good possibility that we could win. It’s always been a huge rivalry, and it’s always a close game against McDonough.”

Defender Stephanie Ferguson played solid defense throughout the game.

“Regardless of where I am on the field, I am literally looking and searching for the ball,” Ferguson said. “Communicate, following through and staying low to the ground is what coach has us work on.

McDonough remains winless at 0-7, 0-7 in SMAC.

McDonough captain Paige Wearmouth scored on an assist from Taylor Fleming with 6 minutes 38 seconds left in the first half.

McDonough head coach Megan Eicholtz said her young Rams are at the point in the season where they are starting to grasp the pace and play of the game.

“We are committing fewer fouls, communicating more effectively, and we are improving our ability to see the whole field and anticipate plays,” Eicholtz said.

McDonough’s first year goalie Carolyn Burgess made 13 saves in the contest and saw a lot of action.

“Carolyn has the athletic ability to move quickly to the ball, make saves and recover, and is a well-rounded athlete and equally good on the field as she is in the goal cage.” Eicholtz said.

Westlake will travel to Leonardtown at 4 p.m. Monday, and McDonough will host North Point at 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Westlake 4, McDonough 1

McDonough 1 0

Westlake 3 1

Goals: McDonough (Wearmouth); Westlake (Morris 3, Delacruz)

Saves: McDonough (Burgess 13); Westlake (Booth 5)