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BalanceLogic recently launched a new website for a local letter photography company, Swix Pix LLC.

The hand-coded website includes several features that will enable Swix Pix’s customers to create customizable letter photography designs, according to a BalanceLogic news release.

The company has a database of photos of objects that look like letters. The website user types in a word, and it is displayed using available photos.

The website includes features Create-Your-Word, letter shuffle, black-and-white or color options, and a variety of letters, numbers and symbols. Swix Pix also offers premade frames.

The site is built on BalanceLogic’s e-commerce system, which includes the ability to add new products with search-optimized descriptions and photos. Local organizations have the option of signing up to host fundraising events through the website.

“The entire BalanceLogic team was excited to have been chosen by Swix Pix to work on their project. We are thrilled to be part of helping them build a better ecommerce-based website while making the process easier for their customers,” Bill Campbell, CEO of BalanceLogic, said in the release.

Swix Pix is a Southern Maryland-based company.

BalanceLogic continues its rapid growth and is increasing its reputation for creating well-designed and functional custom websites, according to the release.