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For their first CD, St. Leonard couple Moses and Jeannine Holmes decided to perform a story of their lives through song.

The couple, whose group name is MOJEAN, met through music while they were in their church choir in Washington, D.C.

They soon formed a smaller music group together where Jeannine sang and Moses played the saxophone.

Now, after 24 years of marriage and two daughters — Lauren, 15, and Christen, 12 — Jeannine, 51, said she decided “it was time we do something with the songs.”

As the songwriter of the couple, Jeannine said she always enjoyed writing about their life experiences.

In May 2002, she was diagnosed with a rare and hard-to-diagnose form of thyroid cancer, and underwent surgery to remove it.

“I was so thankful to be alive to take care of my children. ... A lot of people say it’s an easy cancer — I don’t think there is an easy cancer,” she said.

From that experience came the song “Another Day.”

A year later, Jeannine got the inspiration for the song “Forever In My Heart,” following the death of her mother.

“It’s to let people know your loved ones want you to carry on instead of being depressed like I was,” she said.

Other songs on the CD “One” include “It’s Time To Pray,” to which the couple said the public should be able to relate in a tough economy,” and the couple’s own anthem, “This Love.”

“We’ve been married a while and it’s been pretty good. Not perfect, but good,” Jeannine said.

“Not perfect, what?” Moses, 47, quipped.

The couple said they signed a recording contract in late 2010 with producer Sean “Smiles” Miles and started recording in January 2011.

They recorded about twice a week at Studio House North in Churchton and later at Night Flight Studios in Fort Washington.

They said they eventually started working with a second producer, Dana T. Sorey, who said they had worked with several award-winning musicians.

“We were floored. ... It’s nice to meet people like that,” Jeannine said of Sorey’s willingness to help produce their CD.

Since Sorey was based in Delaware, Moses explained they would email him what they had recorded and he’d arrange it and send it back.

Along with backup singers found through Miles, Moses played saxophone and Jeannine was on vocals for all of the 10 songs on the CD.

The CDs arrived this July, and the couple said they’ve mostly been selling them at the Calvert County Baptist Church in Prince Frederick, where they attend and where Jeannine serves as music minister.

They said it’s also available at, and iTunes.

“We’re our own record company really,” said Jeannine, who said a benefit to this is the fact that they own the rights to all of their songs.

Along with performances at local churches, the couple said they have been working with a radio promoter and have had their music played on radio stations online and in Florida.

They are holding a CD release party at 5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 27, at Calvert County Baptist Church.

“Right now, we’re going to focus on getting out to different churches,” said Moses, who works as an engineer by day.

Jeannine said that even though “we’re not cool any more,” their daughters have seemed impressed.

One of their daughters, she said, heard one of the songs and asked “‘Who wrote that?’

“I said, ‘I did.’ Just to hear your 15 year old say that is nice,” she said.

Moses said they would “most definitely” be interested in recording another CD.

“This was such a learning experience,” Jeannine said.