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The recent report released by the Maryland Judicial Campaign Conduct Committee Inc. regarding complaints against Joseph Stanalonis in the ongoing campaign for judge of the circuit court for St Maryís County can be read in its entirety at

After reading the newspaper stories, I located and read the report and took notice of three outstanding elements. First, Mr. Stanalonis was not a participating candidate to this voluntary program, as he had not signed the candidate acknowledgement form in which he agrees to abide by Maryland Judicial Campaign Conduct Committee standards.

Second, although 12 specific violations were complained, the committee dismissed six, and found violations of their standards of conduct in six instances.

Third, the report details Mr. Stanalonisí lack of responsibility in replying to their investigative inquiries by responding on his election campaign stationery without any signature. Furthermore, I read a great deal of noncooperation and obstruction in that report.

The Maryland Judicial Campaign Conduct Committee was established beginning in 2005 by Judge Robert M. Bell of the Maryland Court of Appeals as an independent entity committed to maintaining respect for the uniqueness of the judicial office and to promote civility in the conduct of contested elections for Marylandís circuit court judgeships. Judge Bell recognized the need to preserve the reputation of the judicial office for fairness and impartiality.

According to its Statement of Purpose, the Maryland Judicial Campaign Conduct Committee conducts itself with absolute neutrality as to the political issues and allows the voters to make their collective decision without partisan or political influence.

I urge voters to read the report for themselves as I did and draw their own conclusions

I challenge Mr. Stanalonis to sign the candidate acknowledgement form, take ownership of previous mistakes and start cleaning up his campaign. The voters of St. Maryís County deserve to survive this election with confidence in their elected judge.

Brady Bounds, Lexington Park