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I wish the paper would print some clarification of the traffic rules around schools. There are not only county schools but church schools. In Prince George’s County, you get a ticket if you go over the 30-mph limit near a school, even if it isn't well-marked or visible.

In Charles County, many of the schools have the school lights and a good sign to see. I assume the radar is around those as well, but many only have a small sign and are not attention-getting.

We have a lot of road signs, so we could be paying more attention to the signs than the traffic. One sign in the area where I live has a 40-mph sign and, right behind it, a school sign. Either the sign needs to be removed or changed.

On four lanes, such as on Route 228 approaching Waldorf, I do not notice traffic slowing near the school sign printed on the road’s surface. Sometimes I have seen the light flash, but it is random. When I slow down for that area (after getting a ticket in Prince George’s County), I have cars right at my bumper or going around me.

I know they said “at random” the lights would be there, but I think there needs to be more of a county effort in the area around the schools. And what about after-school hours, such as on weekends? If it is 24/7, then I think the public needs to know that.

Wanda Gardner, Bryans Road