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Last Friday night brought great triumphs, but the final score was North Point 3-0 over Westlake.

Before the game even began, the skies opened up and released a downpour which foreshadowed the ominous events to come.

The game began with slippery conditions, which hindered both team’s touch and speed. After a goal in the first five minutes, North Point held a 1-0 lead for the first half. Westlake continued to fight to try and push ahead, but we just couldn’t finish.

The second half brought entirely new challenges, as the desire to win mixed with frustrations and aggressions on both sides, created an intense atmosphere. We continued to work the ball well and kept up a strong intensity, but it just wasn’t our game and North Point scored two more goals in the second half.

It’s hard to take a loss for a game that we wanted so badly to win, but we can’t be disappointed in our fight and the vast amount of improvement we showed that we’ve made.

Tuesday night brought an anticipated win against McDonough, however, they came out an entirely different team than when we’d scrimmaged at the beginning of the season.

We had to work harder to obtain the win this time around and McDonough definitely deserves more respect for the work they’ve obviously put in. Luckily for us, our goalie, Ashley Hudson, continuously made great saves which kept us in the game.

Both games were a learning opportunity. Against North Point, we learned that it’s not always about the score, but about the effort and the game you play. The score did not reflect Westlake’s success.

After playing McDonough, we learned that we can’t underestimate the teams we feel aren’t competing to our level because that is exactly what other teams had done to us in the past.

Bailey Delacruz

Westlake junior