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The Charles County Board of Education selected in a random drawing the members of the Charles County Public Schools high school redistricting committee.

The drawing, held Tuesday, included names from each middle and elementary school, as well as community members who applied to serve. Two representatives at the elementary school level, two representatives at the middle school level and three representatives from the Charles County community were selected:

-Betty Tayman, Dr. Gustavus Brown Elementary School.

-LaCharles Earle, Eva Turner Elementary School.

-Karen Haskins, Mattawoman Middle School.

-Kristopher Foote, Milton M. Somers Middle School.

-Joanna Wilson, community member.

-David Cooksey, community member; and

-James Hooper, community member.

The committee members will work with a representative from each of the countyís six high schools, as well as school system and county staff, on the high school redistricting committee. Each high school advertised the opportunity to represent the school as part of the redistricting committee, and each high school principal held a public drawing to randomly select a school representative. Selected at the high school level were

-Tawanda Rooney, Henry E. Lackey High School.

-Cindy Arnone, La Plata High School.

-Suzanne McCarthy, North Point High School.

-Suzann Martin, Thomas Stone High School.

-Christina Adeboyejo, Westlake High School.

The representative from Maurice J. McDonough High School was to be selected Tuesday night at the schoolís PTO meeting.

Community members interested in serving on the committee were asked to submit an application, and verify that they did not have a child enrolled in any Charles County public school.

The redistricting committee, composed of 10 parent representatives and three community members, will work together on the high school redistricting. The redistricting will establish alternatives for an attendance zone for St. Charles High School, as well as review and change attendance zones for all high schools. The board of education last month approved opening St. Charles High School as a partial high school with grades 9, 10 and 11 when it opens in August 2014.

Seniors in the class of 2015 would finish and graduate from their current high school. The board hopes to approve a final redistricting plan by June 2013, according to a board news release, but the plan will not be implemented until August 2014 when the new high school opens.

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The board also released a timeline for redistrcting milestones.

In November, December and January, the committee will meet to develop two alternatives.

In February, the redistricting committee will finalize the alternatives.

In March the redistricting committee will present its report to the superintendent's operations group, at which time it will be publicized and available to the public.

On April 8, the redistricting committee's report will be presented to the board at a regularly scheduled board meeting board meeting.

During April, a public hearing on the committee's alternatives will be held.

In May, Superintendent James E. Richmond will present his recommendation to the board and a public hearing will be held on his recommendation.

In June, the board takes action on Richmondís recommendation. The redistricting decision must be made one year before the opening of St. Charles High School in August 2014. Students affected by the redistricting will change schools in August 2014.