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A Waldorf man is being held without bond on charges that he twice raped a teenage girl, once after threatening her with a handgun outside the Pinefield Shopping Plaza.

Rodney Pontell Sisco, 46, was arrested Oct. 2 after the girl, now 14, identified him in a photo lineup as the man who had raped her twice over a six-day period last month.

The girl told officers she had been partying Sept. 10, the day before her 14th birthday, behind the Foods In store at the plaza, drinking alcohol and taking K2, a synthetic cannabinoid, when a friend of hers said a man wanted to meet her, according to charging papers.

The man walked up to the girl, pulled up his shirt to show he had a handgun tucked inside his waistband and told her to get in his car, the papers state. The man bought the girl two Four Loko alcoholic drinks at the Pinefield Liquors drive-thru before heading to a nearby townhome community, according to court records.

The man parked and demanded sex, the papers state. Fearing for her life after seeing the handgun, the girl complied. Afterward, the man dropped the girl off at the Sunoco gas station near the plaza and threw about $100 at her, court documents state.

Six days later, the girl was at the Sunoco station when she saw the same man sitting in his car. He beckoned her over and told her to get in the car, court papers state.

The man again bought the girl a Four Loko beverage at the liquor store drive-thru and drove back to the plaza, where they drank alcohol together, the papers state.

The man then drove back to the same neighborhood where the first assault occurred and again demanded sex, according to court records. The girl resisted physically this time, but the man overpowered her, holding her arms down during the rape, the documents state. The man dropped her off back at the plaza.

The next day, the girl, who had been reported missing, returned home and reported the assaults to her parents, who called police.

A week later, a Charles County sheriff’s detective met with the girl’s friend, who confirmed he had been approached in front of the Foods In by a man looking for a “female companion,” court papers state. The friend said he relayed the message to the girl, who was reluctant to meet the man.

With the help of surveillance video footage, the detective identified Sisco as the prime suspect. The girl later identified Sisco in a photo lineup as the man who raped her, police reported.

Sisco has been charged with first-degree rape, two counts of second-degree rape, first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault, two counts of sexual solicitation of minor, prostitution and use of a firearm in commission of a violent crime.