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I know The Enterprise is owned by The Washington Post Co., but since St. Mary’s County now has more registered Republicans than Democrats, it may behoove the publishers to keep their reader base in mind. I’m not suggesting this paper pander to either party, but the Oct. 5 edition of letters to the editor seemed exclusively one sided with the exception of a letter about the anniversary of Vatican II. All of the letters, again with the exception just mentioned, were not only long-winded but most well exceeded the recommendation in the Our Opinion piece of limiting letters to 300 words or less.

Both readers and writers of letters to the editor probably find things to agree and disagree with each edition. I certainly do. But I take particular exception to the writer who suggests “Freedom of speech is not alive and well in St. Mary’s.” She goes so far as to call the disappearance of a campaign sign on her front lawn “a travesty of justice” and feels her safety and security are threatened by this act. Ludicrous (and I’m being subtle here). Over the years I have had mailboxes, newspaper boxes, flags, holiday decorations and yard decor damaged, vandalized or just plain vanish. After Sept. 11 we placed flags at our driveway entrance only to find them missing, not once, but twice. I didn’t suspect a radical Muslim or even a socialist left-leaning liberal. Maybe it was someone who harbored anti-American hatred or maybe it was mischievous teenagers or even someone who just wanted my flags for their own. To suggest that tampering with and stealing a campaign sign is obviously the work of a diabolical Romney supporter using “Gestapo tactics” is merely an assumption based on the author’s own petty prejudices.

Allow me to rephrase the words of First Lady Michelle Obama, “For the first time in my adult life I’m proud of my country.” For the first time in my adult life, I’m ashamed of an administration that has used every kind of divisive tactic known to man to divide and demean our nation. Changing the best health-care system in the world into government-centered MVA standards, increasing welfare spending 41 percent, doubling gas prices, tripling national debt, medium household income down $5,000, being responsible for loss of American life through the Fast and Furious program and the recent attack in Bengazi at our American embassy and the attempted coverups of both. These are President Obama’s accomplishments. And you don’t need to remind me of Osama bin Laden. This president has remained virtually immune to media scrutiny. I hope The Enterprise in these final days before the election will devote as much space to conservative views as they do to liberal and though we may remain divided in party we unite for the American dream of opportunity, not never-ending government entitlement programs and the dishonest manipulation of facts.

Written from my underground bunker, let not your heart be troubled. Mega-dittos and I swear I didn’t take your sign.

L. Beth Bonifant, Colton’s Point