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I was 7 when Pearl Harbor was bombed and have lived through 13 presidents, from Franklin Delano Roosevelt until now. Never once did I feel that my president was ashamed of being an American, or witness any of them apologize for America to other countries until now.

Americans have always been charitable and peace-loving. Yes, we will fight for freedom, even for other countries to have freedom.

Our president has done nothing to decrease our spending in the last three and a half years. Instead, our debt has risen to $16 trillion. Our nation is hemorrhaging, and our president has been out campaigning for the last year while the blood is coming out of every seam. The only reductions in spending he wants to make are in defense. This will cripple us and our ability to defend ourselves when it is crucial to be strong. What is he thinking?

His policies and regulations, enforced by the people he has placed in control, have stymied our production and our job force.

Harry Reid has suppressed many bills the Republicans have sent to the Senate and kept them from being introduced for votes. Then they tell us that the Republicans are not doing anything.

Our president and his administration have no intention of securing our border or removing illegal immigrants from this country. The main responsibility of our government, by the Constitution, is to defend it. Isnít it obvious to everyone that we are being invaded on our borders and nothing is being done about it?

Our president is bypassing the House of Representatives by his executive orders on many things that should go through Congress for approval. What he really could be doing behind the scenes is frightening.

The president and the Democrats continue to say they donít think the debt is a problem at all. They think we are doing better. I say take off your blinders and look at the real numbers. All they want to do is raise taxes on the rich to solve the problem. If they just took back some regulations, more people would be in the workforce paying taxes; thatís how you get more taxes, not raising taxes on those few.

American citizens, with all this to consider, it is mind-boggling to think our president could be elected again. Itís not racial either; as I recall, he is half white. I know we thought he was a true American, but instead we find he and his wife took on a dislike of America, which is evident. You wonít hear it in his beautiful speeches, so open your eyes and see it in his actions and lack of leadership.

I know God loves our president as he does all people. However, it is difficult for me to witness him stepping on our American liberties and taking away our individual freedoms so easily, by the stroke of his left-hand. After all, thousands of Americans died for these same freedoms.

He said this wasnít a Christian nation anymore, but I hope the Christians rise up and show him on Nov. 6 that we are still strong and, God willing, able to defeat the radical system of government to which he aspires. Wake up, America. Our president is not the one who walks on water.

Mary Ann Jenkins, Waldorf