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One side agrees, one side disagrees with referee’s call in final moments of soccer game


Staff writer

Patuxent appeared to be headed toward a loss and Thomas Stone appeared headed toward a win until a controversial call late in Thursday’s game altered the destinies of both teams.

Stone led 1-0 in the waning seconds when goalkeeper Brandi Conley and Patuxent’s Dana King both rushed toward a loose ball in the Cougars box.

Both players made contact and the Panthers were awarded a penalty kick.

“I just came out for the ball and I guess she felt she got pushed a little too hard,” Conley said. “We collided just a little bit, but it was just like she just happened to stand there while I went for the ball.”

“I felt my goalie was going after the ball from what I could see and it’s a tough call to call a foul on a goalie with less than 30 seconds left in the game when they’re going for the ball,” Stone head coach Andrew Prozik said. “It’s a tough call to make on the last play of the game when they’re trying to tie the game up.”

Patuxent head coach Rico Aris said he thought it was more than just a bump.

“I saw the goalie come straight to our player and there was no doubt about it, it was a penalty,” he said. “She pretty much ran right through her. It looked to me like it was a shove with her body. Her arms weren’t extended, but she ran right through Dana. It was a legitimate call.

“It was a tough call to make when it’s a 1-0 game and we already had a penalty kick, but sometimes the ref just has to make the call.”

Patuxent’s Cierra Fenwick agreed with the call.

“Dana and the goalie just bumped into each other,” she said. “I think I would have [given a PK].”

King made the penalty kick with 12 seconds left in regulation and Conley and teammate Jade Green both received red cards after voicing their displeasure.

Stone parents also voiced their displeasure as well as a Cougars supporter, who ventured to midfield to voice her unhappiness. Patuxent officials took to the field to restore calm.

With Stone down two players, Cierra Fenwick scored the winning goal in the second minute of overtime.

The officials were confronted following the game, which led Patuxent officials to escort them out of the stadium via an alternate route.

“I feel like there could have been a couple things that could have been called the other side of the field as well,” Prozik said afterward. “When you have two refs out there and one decides to keep it a 1-0 game and close and not call a penalty shot when there was a handball in the box and the other one’s calling the penalty shot….

“That’s why you need one person in the middle of the field so it’s a consistent game all the way through. When you have two [refs] and one’s calling [fouls] and one’s not, that’s what happens to the game.”

For receiving the red cards, Conley and Green were forced to miss the team’s next game, which was played Tuesday evening at home versus Calvert, a contest that ended too late for inclusion into this edition.

Prozik said he planned to file an appeal.