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The Charles County Planning Commission approved changes last month to the St. Charles master plan for the villages of Wooded Glen and Piney Reach after no one spoke at the public hearing on the change.

The St. Charles Cos., the developer of St. Charles, is requesting more flexibility with the development of its final two villages.

The changes will allow St. Charles to list dwelling unit types and lot numbers for each of the two villages.

The St. Charles Cos. was developing its first neighborhood in Wooded Glen, Fieldside, when it determined it would not meet the quota for apartments.

Previously, the neighborhood was planned for 201 single-family homes, 192 townhouses and 224 apartments, according to the county’s planning staff report.

Mark MacFarland, vice president of land development for The St. Charles Cos., said 195 apartments will be built.

Wooded Glen and Piney Reach will contain eight neighborhoods altogether.

Wooded Glen will have 6,720 units, including 3,360 single-family homes, 1,680 townhouses and duplexes, and 1,680 apartments.

Piney Reach will have 3,356 units, including 1,678 single-family homes, 839 townhouses and duplexes, and 839 apartments.

The St. Charles Cos. is also planning a business park in the Piney Reach village.

No residential development of any kind will occur in Piney Reach until 85 percent of residential construction has been completed in Wooded Glen, according to the villages’ master plans.

The amendment also allows the use of urban road standards, such as “on-street parking and associated features,” in the two villages, to be located along St. Charles Parkway, south of Billingsley Road until Route 488. The two villages will also border Piney Church Road.

Planning commission member Steve Bunker said he was concerned the apartments would be built close to Route 488 near single-family homes, citing that homeowners in the area expressed concern about having apartments nearby.

MacFarland said the plan stipulates that within 500 feet of Route 488, The St. Charles Cos. can only build to a maximum density of two units per acre, making apartments less likely near that area.

St. Charles’ five villages are Smallwood, Westlake, Fairview, Wooded Glen and Piney Reach.

St. Charles will continue to plan for 24,730 residential units as specified in Docket 90, the planning agreement between the county and The St. Charles Cos. governing development of St. Charles.

Plans get revisions

The commission approved revisions to two preliminary plans, one for a neighborhood in Bryantown and the other in Dentsville.

Bryantown neighborhood Langley Estates, which calls for 18 single-family homes on Ted Bowling Road covering 62.09 acres, now has plans to align with a new road called Saratoga Lane, which changes the neighborhood’s layout.

Fischer’s Grant on Wheatley Road and Dr. Edelen Road in Dentsville received approvals to reduce lot numbers in phase one from 158 to 149 and add percolation tests to approved lots.

Extensions and final plat approved

The commission approved a one-year extension for Westside Estates, planned for 10 single-family homes on 39.5 acres off Maryland Point Road in Nanjemoy.

The new deadline is June 16.

The commission approved a six-year conformity review and one-year extension for Albion, planned for 24 single-family homes on 122.91 acres of Route 425 near Ironsides.

The new deadline is Dec. 12.

The commission approved a final plat for Knotting Hill, which will contain 19 lots on 141.33 acres and be located off Simms Landing Road between Port Tobacco and Welcome.