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An inheritance. For most, a bright prospect. Once, the term depicted some fortunate soul coming into position, property or financial means via award of someone else’s booty. Perhaps possessions left behind from Mom and Dad or rich Uncle Ned. That’s since evolved.

Today’s casual news observer is molded to accept inheritance as an excuse. Constantly grappling for rationale to explain failure, hardly a day goes by that our president doesn’t decry his miserable inheritance. An inheritance, by the way, which wasn’t foisted on him. Rather, his inheritance was aggressively sought at the hands of uninformed voters as they were misled via our nation’s decisively liberal, biased media. You’ll recall the latter touting how he was going to effect change, never bemoaning his prospect of any inheritance.

Then, 2008 brought unified Democratic victory and under the party chief’s directive, ultraleft-wing ideology prevailed. Befuddled plans with disastrous consequences were craftily implemented and thus engulf our nation today as they will for generations to come.

Who or what’s to blame for our leader’s unfortunate inheritance and today’s calamitous failures? Well, first there was Bush, then Europe, then the weather, then Bush, then whatever else was or will become convenient. After all this time, you’d think one would employ a more persuasive rationale beyond the constant theme of impassioned blame gaming. And Democratic strategists operate precisely the same way.

Loving the sound of his own voice, complete with myriad uhs and ahs connecting a loquacious stream of nothing, his excuses remain paramount. Sympathetic historians could attempt to transfer blame and bad judgment fallout from the legacy of each president’s tenure all the way back to the nation’s first. Such action benefits America how?

Presidential whining should’ve stopped years ago. He’s had almost four years to set things right instead of complaining, especially considering half of the time his party gripped the entire Congress. With a re-election and his own inheritance then in place, there’s no reason to believe things will improve. Within four more years, there’ll be no man-up, no positive change for America and her interests, no uniting, but, rather, the crybaby option will bedevil us consistently. Only then, after eight long and arduous years of failed policies and confused initiatives in place serving to divide and weaken us here and foment distrust for us abroad, will this nation but survive?

America is ripe for rebirth under new leadership, with new inner strength, new direction, new opportunities, new world prominence and renewed allegiance to Israel. We deserve new media void of political party subservience. We can then accentuate the positives, eliminate the negatives and forget about in between.

Envision a Romney presidency. He’s neither confused nor a crybaby and upon assuming his own mess of an inheritance, things will improve for all Americans. He is a proven leader who will be held to a higher standard due to party affiliation and personal faith in the Lord God Almighty. Liberal media detractors and Democratic politicos will see to it.

Chester Seaborn, Mechanicsville