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It’s important that everyone understand the hard work we’ve put in this season and the dedication we’ve shown.

We’ve invested the last three months into assuring this season is a success and the last three games have publicized that what we’ve been working on hasn’t been in vain and the goals we had set for ourselves have long been surpassed.

In the last two years we’ve seen Northern four times, twice in the regular season and twice in playoffs and we have never come close beating them, but just like the rest of this season, we knew this time would be different.

We worked as a team and kept strong offensive pressure and continued to take shots. At halftime, the score was 0-0 and we knew that if we persisted, the win could be ours. The second half began and we were able to keep up the intensity.

With a goal in the second half, we were able to obtain the win against a team which we’d always felt we had the skill to beat.

Tuesday night showed us a game against Lackey. The score at the end of the game was 12-0, but I have so much respect for them. It’s hard to come out and play your hardest and end up with scores like that. We all know how it feels because that was Westlake three years ago. They played with so much heart and never gave up.

And then there was Huntingtown. Just the name Huntingtown has been enough to intimidate us the last couple of years. They’ve been a powerhouse team in the past and have blown us out the last two years.

I can’t lie and say that we were going into this game with the mentality that “Yes, absolutely we can win,” but we should have known that this game too would be different.

From the very start, Westlake came out with an intensity that was unlike any game we’d played the last three years. I didn’t know we could want a win so badly.

In the first five minutes of the first half, we scored and were up 1-0. Although to those watching, it may have seemed unimaginable that Westlake could add any more intensity, but after that we did.

With repeated shots against Huntingtown and no success, we found ourselves with a 1-0 lead at halftime, hardly a large enough margin for us to be comfortable.

Second half came and we were both fighting for it, Westlake to keep the lead and Huntingtown to tie it up. With about 30 minutes left, Huntingtown scored. We were not upset nor did we let it affect our game. If anything, we pushed harder because the win was right there.

We could taste it, we wanted it, we just needed one more goal, but so did they.

The second half ended in a tie and we were all ready for overtime. A win which would have seemed like a strange dream a year ago was right there for us to take.

After the first overtime ended with no goals, the second overtime brought intensity and desire. It was either one of us’ game.

In the middle of double overtime, Huntingtown was awarded a corner kick. With a ball played to the middle, we scrambled to clear it out, but just couldn’t manage to and Huntingtown was able to put in the second goal and take the win.

It was heartbreaking. We invested so much and we just couldn’t finish. But as disappointing as the loss was, we cannot be disappointed in the game we played and if this doesn’t prove to everyone what were capable of, I don’t know what will.

And when we see them in playoffs, we’ll be ready.

Bailey Delacruz

Westlake junior