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This past week, Calvert played two county rivals, Huntingtown and Patuxent. They were by far our toughest matches. We were successful in winning both matches.

Now, Calvert is the only team in SMAC with an undefeated record.

Our practices have been a bit chilly with a giant hole in our gymnasium wall. Due to construction, there have been some changes in the practice arrangements for JV. They now will be practicing at Calvert Middle School.

Last Thursday, right before our Huntingtown match, we received out new blue long-sleeved jerseys. We had been looking forward to receiving them very much and we are all very excited about them.

This weekend we will head to Reservoir High School for the Gator Invitational tournament. Our previous win at Bulldog Classic last year has motivated us to fight hard and be successful at this tournament. We are looking forward to tough competition and it should be a great experience for the team this season.

With 2 1/2 weeks left in the regular season, we are pushing ourselves to be the best we can be. We are striving to keep our undefeated record and pushing to always keep improving instead of being complacent.

Everyone come support Calvert volleyball and breast cancer on Oct. 18 for our “Dig Pink” match against La Plata High School.

Karli A. Hawxhurst, Meghan C. Lanham, Kara L. Collins, Lauren N. Carman, Alyssa M. Osburn, Calvert seniors

Katie A. Hawxhurst, Calvert freshman