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Q Superintendent Michael Martiranoís contract ends this school year after serving two four-year terms. Would you vote to offer him a new contract, or would you look for a new superintendent?

Rose: From what I know from the current superintendent, heís done a phenomenal job. Because Iím running for board of education, I feel it has been my obligation to ask the people of the community how they feel the school superintendent is doing because ultimately, heís the one who runs the all of the schools. Thus far, I have received nothing but good comments about the man. I have three kids in the school system and I am interested in that, as well, as a parent.I think he is very approachable from both the parents, business leaders and the teachers in staff at all of the schools

Q Which of the initiatives to serve student academic needs put in place in recent years has been most successful? Which has not?

Rose: I donít really have any knowledge of that. Really to be able to answer that knowledgeably Iíd have to do a little bit more research, but from what Iíve heard in the news and as a parent and community member, I think everything that is being done thus far has been successful. More times than not, if something that is not successful that will make the news faster, and thatís unfortunate, but I havenít read anything negative about those types of things.

Q Has the board of education effectively made the case to the county commissioners for adequate funding for the schools?

Rose: Thatís a tricky question because no matter what school district you go into everybody always wants more funding for their schools to do what they feel needs to be done on behalf of the students and teachers. The board is supposed to be an advocate for doing whatís right for our kids and our teachers and our community leaders. As long as whatís in the budget is going toward full circle with all of those entities together, thatís a win-win situation for anybody.

Q What issues should be included in diversity training for students and staff?

Rose: We have to take advantage of our current diversity in our schools so children can learn to work across the cultures. I donít think a school can adequately and effectively teach their children from pre-K up to 12th grade without having diversity there.

I donít think there should be any specifics when it comes to diversity [lessons]. There should be a general overview of what diversity means and then let the parents and students decide for themselves what is most important.

I donít think we should be forcing an issue on opinionated matters, especially to our young students. And by the time you get in middle school transitioning to high school, I really feel itís up to your upbringing from your parents to teach you what the correct values are in your life. And of course, that includes diversity.

Q Do you think the school board participates in enough public discussion on issues before making decisions?

Rose: I think the school board allows the opportunities for the public to come in and join the discussions in matters of school issues. My answer would be yes.

Theyíve got to do a little more work to get the word out ... of letting the people know that there is an opportunity to come and speak about the issues with the board so they can do their job and represent the people. Thatís what the board of education people are supposed to be doing. Thereís always room for improvement.