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A Waldorf man has been charged with assaulting a Charles County corrections officer after being arrested for trespassing Sunday afternoon.

Christopher Louis Gonzalez, 40, was initially arrested after a homeowner saw him driving an all-terrain vehicle onto private property marked by a No Trespassing sign at the end of Sugar Mill Court in Waldorf, according to charging papers. The homeowner called police around 2 p.m.

He told Charles County sheriff’s officer D. Arends that he was familiar with the owner of the posted property, an undeveloped housing community owned by developer Plantation Pines, and had been asked to report trespassers to police.

Arends called the property owner, who said he had trouble keeping ATV owners off the property and tried to block the access road and six feet on either side with lumber, a steel cable and a posted No Trespassing sign, court records state.

The property owner told Arends that he wanted charges pressed against any trespassers.

Arends found a Jeep registered to Gonzalez parked outside the posted property. He began walking along the blocked access road when he heard an ATV coming toward him, the documents state.

As Gonzalez approached on the ATV, Arends asked him to drive back to his Jeep. Gonzalez told the officer that he had driven around the steel cable. He said “he was not trying to break any laws; he just wanted to show his daughter a good time,” court papers state.

Arends arrested Gonzalez and took him to the Charles County jail in La Plata.

At the jail, correctional officer Richard Horrell searched Gonzalez and removed his handcuffs. Gonzalez became agitated when Horrell asked him to remove his gold necklace, the papers state.

After ripping the necklace from his neck, Gonzalez tried to punch Horrell, but the officer blocked the assault and “assisted” Gonzalez to the floor, the documents state.

Once on the floor, Gonzalez bit Horrell on his right forearm and did not let go until Arends used a stun gun to “drive stun” him in the back, according to court records.

“Drive stun” is a pain-compliance technique where a stun gun is pressed against a person and causes localized pain but not incapacitation.

Horrell suffered a bruise, abrasion and slightly broken skin near the top of his forearm, the papers state. He drove himself to Civista Medical Center in La Plata for treatment.

Gonzalez has been charged with trespassing and assaulting a corrections officer. He was released Sunday after posting a $10,000 bond.