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Calvert varsity volleyball is now 11-1 due to a loss against La Plata High School in a grueling and somewhat argumentative five games.

Both teams fought hard and had numerous kills. Our coach mentioned later that it was a “slugfest” because both teams kept getting amazing kills.

The match was a disappointing loss for us because it was a possible deciding match for winning the SMAC title. La Plata was the best competition we have had this year and we commend them for their competition and humbleness after the win.

Losing isn't always fun and there were more tears after last Thursday’s game than all season, but good things do come out of losing.

One of our mottos now is, “Take no mercy.” We've learned that every pass, set, hit, and individual play counts. We've learned that we have to win by enough, so that the refs cannot decide the game.

Now we know how losing feels, and we do not want to experience it again. After the loss, our peers, friends, fellow student-athletes and other Calvert coaches called, texted and tweeted us telling us to keep our heads up and encouraged us to keep working hard for the postseason.

One common piece of advice we heard was that it was better we know how losing feels now rather than in the playoffs. As seniors, we're proud of how our team has excelled this regular season and we're looking forward to pushing forward in the playoffs.

Karli A. Hawxhurst, Meghan C. Lanham, Kara L. Collins, Lauren N. Carman, Alyssa M. Osburn, Calvert seniors

Katie A. Hawxhurst, Calvert freshman