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The political campaigns of St. Mary’s judgeship candidates David W. Densford and Joseph M. Stanalonis each have collected and spent more than $50,000 during the last seven months, according to new finance reports filed Friday as they neared the last full week of the contest.

Densford, an appointee to the circuit court bench, tallied receipts of $50,324 from contributions and ticket purchases, including by more than two dozen lawyers or law firms. Joseph M. Stanalonis, an assistant prosecutor, received $51,904 in contributions and fundraiser ticket sale proceeds, from donors including some of his coworkers and more than a half-dozen current and former law enforcement officers.

Densford’s campaign finance report lists its largest contributions to date as $4,000 from Dorothy Broun, the candidate’s mother; $3,050 from his brother, Joseph R. Densford, and $2,450 from the law firm of Baldwin & Briscoe in Lexington Park.

“He is a friend, and I’m in a position where I can help him,” Samuel C.P. Baldwin Jr. said of his support for David Densford’s campaign. “I think he’s the right candidate, and I believe in the process that appointed him. I believe they got it right.”

Densford has loaned his own campaign $7,000.

Stanalonis’ largest contributors to date include St. Mary’s sheriff’s Lt. David Yingling, who has contributed $980. His wife, Lt. Julie Yingling, has contributed $335 to Stanalonis’ campaign, according to the campaign finance report.

“He’s one of the most ethical [and] fair people I’ve ever worked with,” David Yingling said of Stanalonis this week. “I think he would make an outstanding circuit court judge.”

Assistant State’s Attorney Daniel J. White said the report was inaccurate in listing him as making more than $6,000 in-kind contributions to Stanalonis’ campaign to cover printing costs and for donating football tickets for an auction at a fundraiser. White said his total donations to Stanalonis’ campaign of direct contributions, ticket purchases, printing cost payments and the football tickets total about $3,900, below the $4,000 limit.

Stanalonis has loaned his own campaign $4,680.

Densford, 60, was nominated for the judgeship last year by a judicial nominating commission and was appointed by Gov. Martin O’Malley (D). Stanalonis, 41, filed his candidacy for next week’s election to a 15-year term on the bench. Last spring, the two registered Democrats each won one of the primary election contests, as Densford received the most votes in the Democratic primary and Stanalonis won the Republican primary.

Judges are required by law to retire at the age of 70, creating a vacancy for the position. The judges often continue to serve on an active-retired status after reaching that age.