Voters return incumbents to St. Mary’s school board -- Gazette.Net


St. Mary’s voters Tuesday chose to keep all three of the school board incumbents who were up for election this year.

Marilyn Crosby, Cathy Allen and Mary Washington each handily won their races.

Crosby of Lexington Park will continue to serve in the at-large seat for her second term after garnering more votes than challenger James Tomasic of Dameron. Crosby won the race with 64 percent of the vote, or 24,036 votes to Tomasic’s 13,487,.

“It is unfortunate that the board of education will not have a parental voice representing all three levels in the school system,” Tomasic said in a statement. “It is an important voice and it will surely be missed.”

He said that he would ask the school board to “make it a priority to reach out and engage at various levels on a more cooperative level with the parents in the community.”

Crosby could not be reached for comment Tuesday night after results were posted.

Voters chose Allen of Hollywood to serve four more years, on top of the previous 12 years. She defeated challenger Jim Davis of Leonardtown on Tuesday to defend her District 2 seat by getting more than twice the number of votes. Allen won 68 percent of the vote with 25,455 votes to Davis’ 11,915.

“I think the board has been working hard at what we do and trying to do the best for the students and the county,” Allen said Tuesday night. “I’m really honored” that voters re-elected her.

Davis said that he knew he had a tough race going into it, but does not regret his effort. “I congratulate Cathy. She ran a clean race,” Davis said. “It’s hard to beat an incumbent.”

Incumbent Washington of Lexington Park will continue serving on the District 4 seat after easily defeating her challenger, Joel Rose of Great Mills, with 72 percent of the vote. Washington has represented that district on the school board for 16 years. Washington had the widest margin of victory with 27,736 votes to Rose’s 10,756 votes.

“I had a wonderful time today. I went to almost all of the polling places,” Washington said. “It was good seeing democracy in action.”

Rose said that he was happy he was able to get his name and ideas out to the community and is looking forward to running again. “I look forward to continue being an active community member in the schools,” Rose said Tuesday night.

There are still more than 2,000 absentee ballots to count and an unknown number of provisional ballots, but not enough to change the outcomes of any of the school board races.

Crosby, Allen and Washington will be sworn into office in early December.

School board members run unaffiliated with any party.

The other two members of the school board were elected in 2010, when incumbent Sal Raspa won the District 1 seat by beating Tomasic and newcomer Brooke Matthews was awarded the District 3 seat in an unopposed race. Their seats are up for election in 2014.