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I would like to offer a few thoughts regarding a problem in our county that is getting worse each week. The traffic congestion at the Route 5 and Great Mills Road intersection between 4:30 and 6 p.m. each weekday is having several negative effects on the citizens of St. Maryís County. The traffic backups at Great Mills are causing economic, environmental, social and BRAC problems. Monday through Friday each afternoon traffic on Great Mills Road backs up to Great Mills High School and traffic on Route 5 backs up for more than a mile. The loss of time at the end of a work day, the wasting of expensive gas, the frustration of getting through the intersection and the lack of effort on the part of your public officials, county and state, to solve this problem should not be happening in St. Maryís County.

We all know that Route 5 and Great Mills Road are state roads. We all know that there is a bridge over the run at Great Mills. We all know that the very expensive flashing red light at the side road by Sheetz does not alleviate the problem. We all know that a stoplight at Willows Road and Route 5 will not help the problem in Great Mills. However, the backups at Great Mills continue.

I urge our state and county elected officials to come together for the benefit of those taxpaying citizens wasting their time me sitting on Route 5 every workday afternoon.

It is my belief that the best solution would be the dualization of Route 5 from the Great Mills Road intersection to the Route 249 intersection at Callaway. In order to have this project move up on the State Highway Administrationís priority list for St. Maryís County, I believe the county commissioners should offer to assist with this project financially.

By the county putting money into the project, the state should be wiling to place the project on its initiatives for St. Maryís County. The county should also urge the state to forgo the expensive landscaping like that on Chancellorís Run Road, and encourage the state to construct a simple four-lane road to move traffic from Great Mills to Callaway. Our elected county and state representatives should come together and solve this problem. After all, thatís what elected officials are supposed to do — itís their job.

Daniel H. Raley, Great Mills

The writer was a St. Maryís County commissioner from 1998 to 2010.