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In my opinion, this election of a judge, either Joseph Stanalonis or David Densford, is an example of buying a position. As I have driven around St. Maryís County for all these many, many months, counting the thousands of blue and yellow signs, marveling at the sizes of the eye-polluting campaign paraphernalia of each candidate, and wondering how much these silly things have cost, Iím thinking OMG. How many of our countyís homeless folks could have better benefitted from all those monies?

Instead, Wednesday morning these paper, wood, stapled, glued, red/blue/white/yellow useless things will be discarded (hopefully) along with the opportunistic T-shirts and banners.

Where did all the money to buy all this clutter come from? Who has enough money to pay for all this junk? And, who stands to benefit from a judge owing favors, as a result?

I think this is just terrible. Perhaps appointments are better.

Barbara Hodges, Drayden