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In response to Helen Winkler’s letter [“Autumn Hills traffic barrier needed for safety,” Nov. 2], I’ve been living in the Autumn Hills development for seven years and was the first homeowner.

When the development was planned, the roads were approved for egress and entry.

This was approved by the past county commissioners. Six and a half years ago, those barriers just showed up without input from us and all involved.

This is the fault of poor planning of the entire group of elected officials and planning staff of the county.

If the sheriff and his deputies would write tickets, we might not have this problem.

Since we’re on the record of safety, let’s discuss the fact that there is no lighting on the trail on Smallwood Drive.

Recently, two people were shot, and one of them died. I’m a taxpayer and am concerned about traffic and safety.

At the end of the day, I and the residents will hold the current county elected officials’ feet to the fire and in 2014, meet each of them at the polls. We will speak out at every public forum about the current isolation and lack of access to roads and for our safety.

Below are just a few reasons why we need access other than the one point of entry we currently have. Also, McDaniel Road is still another two and a half years away.

ŸApril 2012, a young child was killed in my driveway. Speeding wasn’t a factor. I have to look at a public memorial daily.

ŸApril 2012, the roads were closed and parents had to find ways to get the children from school.

ŸTwo residents are wheelchair-bound and suffer from Lou Gehrig’s disease and twice have been airlifted.

ŸTwice there have been accidents at McDaniel Road and Smallwood Drive. Access has been blocked, and we could not get in and out.

ŸWe have two bus stops for the entire development because the roads are closed and the school bus has no room to turn around. Our kids have to walk in the rain, snow and heat to the bus stop in the morning and evening.

ŸCurrently, there are more than 310 homes and more are coming, and each of us pays in excess of $6,000 in county property tax and other fees yearly. What are we getting for our tax dollars?

Deron Tross, Waldorf