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One word that comes to mind when I think about this season is success.

A word in which this past season we measured by the number of games we didnít lose instead of the number that we won.

Coming into the season, we were the underdogs. We hadnít earned the respect of our competitors and we certainly hadnít earned the title of a competitor for some of the better teams.

However, we worked and worked and then worked a little more because we knew the potential we had and we maximized it this season.

Although we did not win our second playoff game, we cannot be disappointed in ourselves because of how far we came.

Looking back on the season, it has been the best one yet for more than just our wins. When you spend every afternoon with the same girls, practicing and helping each other, you build a bond beyond teammates.

You become a family and getting to spend every day with my soccer family is what truly made this season great for me.

The seniors who are now moving on have made a great impact on my life just as they made on the field this season. Those of us who are returning next year are already looking to the future as we will shortly begin preparing for next fall where we intend to continue our success.

Overall, this season has been a learning experience. Some of our greatest triumphs include the second seed we obtained in playoffs and our wins against many teams who had blown us out of the water in years past.

Every team has its struggles, but what separates the great from the good are those teams who overcome the struggles and end up stronger than they were before. Our ability to overcome our obstacles is what made us a great team this season.

The season is now the past and although we will not forget it, weíve already begun to look toward our future.

Bailey Delacruz

Westlake junior