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High school rivals on the field; college teammates finish senior season


Staff writer

Their names appeared together The Enterprise All-County 2008 boys soccer team list was published.

Their names also appeared together on the 2008 All-SMAC boys soccer team list when it was published.

And for the last four years, their names have appeared together when the Lycoming College (Pa.) room assignments were published.

Great Mills High School 2008 graduate Charlie Vess, the 2008 All-County boys soccer Athlete of the Year, and 2008 Leonardtown High School graduate Matt Snively, recently finished their senior year at Lycoming on the soccer field.

And for every year they have been at the school as student-athletes, the two have been roommates.

Not knowing they would be at the same school together until the middle of the summer in 2008, the plan to become roommates was only talked about a month before leaving for campus.

“One way or another, we figured it out, got in contact with each other and we both agreed that we should be roommates with someone that we know,” Snively said. “That would be better than being with someone completely new.”

Vess admitted on the coming together, “It was a big help coming in freshman year and having someone you kind of already knew. We had a little support system going on. The better we got to know each other, the better we played together and the better friends we became.”

Snively and Vess also admit that, although the two were not that close during high school, aside from playing on the same travel team for two years during middle school, the friendship has grown considerably.

“It’s definitely a lot stronger,” Snively said of the friendship. “I consider him one of my best friends now, definitely.”

Vess said, “You can ask anyone around campus, we’re pretty much best friends. We do everything together from playing soccer, working out, going to class, eating and we’re always together. We’ve had a good time these past four years.”

Snively earned his first postseason award after this most recent collegiate season, where he was second on the team in goals scored with two.

For his efforts, Snively was named as an honorable mention All-Commonwealth Conference player.

According to the school’s athletic website, Snively is one of 21 players in school history to score 40 points throughout his career after finishing with 17 total goals and four assists through his four-year stint.

However, during his final senior season, the injury bug bit Snively and his team and played a role in the team finishing 4-10-2 overall this fall.

“It didn’t go as well as we expected,” Snively admitted of the season. “We had nine guys in our senior class and by the end of the year; I think only maybe three of them were playing because of injuries.”

But of his college career as a whole, he added, “It was great. I had a great time and it definitely was what I expected, if not more. I would definitely do it all again, if I had to.”

Snively is a business management major and admits there are no immediate plans for soccer postgraduation.

“I hope to continue playing in summer leagues or pick-up leagues or anything, but nothing really planned out,” Snively admitted.

During his junior season at Lycoming, Vess found his name on a different list of all-conference players, this time at the collegiate level, earning second-team All-Commonwealth Conference recognition for the Division III program, his first collegiate postseason award.

This past season, Vess led the team in scoring with seven goals in 12 games played.

“This season was a little more difficult for us,” Vess admitted. “We had ups and downs and a lot of injuries and things like that. It was nice to see the team stay strong, especially our tight group of seniors. Even though it wasn’t so good in the win column, it was nice to play with all of the guys and have a nice last season.”

Vess is a criminal justice major and admitted his competitive soccer days may be over.

“This senior year was it for me,” he said. “Maybe at some point I will look into coaching at some level, but that’s as far as I would go. … I am looking forward to some other things in my life and I am happy with how my soccer career went.”